Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Beginnings

Do you ever wake up one morning and just decide that you want things to be different than they are?  Right now?!  That's how I felt yesterday morning. When I woke up, I knew a change needed to happen and happen quickly. For me.  A change in my head and in my heart.

So, I hopped out of bed, threw on some workout clothes, put on the headphones, and walked out the door.  I started running again.  Oh, mind you, I am not at the point of doing much actual running, I usually do more walking.  But I started it up again.  I'm using the Couch to 5K phone app. 

And when I got home, I felt great.  So I decided to go a step further and stop eating grains.  All grains.  I did that a year ago and felt so good.  My body just seemed to function better overall.  So I made the change.  Without much forethought or premeditation.  I just did it. And today I added 50 crunches to the mix. And I feel really great about pushing myself.

Change can be scary, but we live in a world of change, especially if we have children.  I have 3 teenagers now, and I know that big changes are just around the corner for our family. While it frightens me a bit, I'm excited as well.  Excited for them.  They have their whole lives ahead of them, and it's my job to make sure they're ready!  Wow!  What an awesome responsibility.

So I'm changing.  For today and for the future.